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All our places are offered according to the London Borough of Barnet’s criteria for admission to Community Schools.


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The Local Authority Admissions Section handles all admissions, both for Reception Class and in-year admissions for other year groups.


In accordance with national and local policy, the maximum number of pupils in a class is 30. 

The Headteacher regularly takes groups of prospective parents around the school to see our school at work. Interested parents should telephone the school office to make an appointment to join one of these tours.


Admission to Reception Class


Children are admitted in small groups during the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. Initially, they attend part-time, progressing to full-time attendance over a four to six week period. Younger children, whose birthdays occur between April and August, have a slightly longer period of induction prior to attending full-time. Parents can request flexibility in starting full-time Reception class education and extending part-time attendance.


In July each year, we hold an evening introductory meeting for parents of new Reception children. The children make a daytime visit and meet each other and staff. Reception Staff make home visits to each child before they start at the school. Teachers hold an initial conference with each parent when their child begins school.