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Curriculum Intention:

At Woodridge Primary School Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is a subject which intends to help pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to stay healthy and safe now and prepare for their futures. Through a comprehensive framework, which covers both the statutory elements of the DfE Guidance and the non-statutory elements of an effective PSHE Curriculum, we deliver a thorough and rounded curriculum which reflects our community.


Through this curriculum we aim to enrich wellbeing in school e.g. promoting staff and children’s health and wellbeing; nurturing relationships across the whole school community; all staff modelling positive, respectful behaviours; creating a culture within which all can feel safe and contribute; establishing a sense of belonging to Woodridge, and regularly celebrating successes.


Curriculum Implementation:

At Woodridge PSHE and Wellbeing are delivered through the ‘HEP PSHE and Wellbeing Framework for Primary School 2020’. The HEP PSHE and Wellbeing Framework covers the statutory content from the relevant guidance and the non-statutory elements for primary schools such as sex education, economic wellbeing, careers and being a responsible citizen.


This framework is based on the PSHE Association’s three core themes: HEALTH AND WELLBEING, RELATIONSHIPS and LIVING IN THE WIDER WORLD.


Currently, our SRE education is delivered through the Christopher Winter scheme. This involves three discrete lessons yearly that are normally delivered in the Summer term.


Lessons are delivered through a blend of timetabled, discrete, focused lessons along with ‘blocked focus weeks’ where appropriate and many circle times and story times develop and reinforce teaching. The curriculum themes are also expanded and reinforced through assemblies and visitors.


Big Blue Question examples:

'What is the most important milestone in the journey of life?

'Should we spend more time on our physical health or our mental health?'

'Which of our School Values is the most important to you?'


Blue Sky Thinkers:

Greta Thunberg and Nelson Mandela.


PSHE Subject Leader - Mrs Nichola Wheatcroft