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Curriculum Intention:

Our Design and Technology curriculum reflects the need to stimulate pupils’ creativity and extend their design and problem solving capabilities across a range of skills. The curriculum is clearly planned and organised to ensure skill progression across year groups. We introduce pupils to a range of designers’ works, increasing their understanding of design techniques and helping them to solve design problems and evaluate their work. 


Curriculum Implementation:

Design Technology is taught in a one week block once a term so that pupils can become fully immersed in their unit and build knowledge and understanding clearly and quickly. As much as we can, we make links between DT and other topics to heighten the relevance of design in the world and to put design into context. Pupils develop their designs, practise skills and evaluate their final pieces.


We have a strong belief that children should learn about the work of diverse designers so that they can learn about the particular styles. This means that all classes will learn about their designer, having the chance to look at their work as part of each unit. This means that by Years 5 and 6, pupils can answer more complex questions linking DT to the wider world.


Big Blue Question examples:



Blue Sky Thinkers:

Frank Lloyd Wright, Mary Quant, Louis Tiffany



Ainsley Harriott, Zaha Hadid


Art and Design Subject Leader - Ms Sarah McCleneghen